The PEMF8000 Pro

Being the most dependable, effective and powerful PEMF device available now has made the PEMF8000 Pro the #1 Choice for chiropractors, clinics and households!
A simple, intuitive control dial allows you to “Plug ‘n Treat”. The high speed pulse technology and up to 20000 Gauss gives you the range you need to treat most conditions. We stand behind our product with a 30-Day-Money-Back guarantee, a 3 year extended warranty, and a lifetime limited warranty.
The effects of Pulse Electromagnetic
Therapy have been studied in

  • Relief of Chronic Pain
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Improved Cellular Energy
  • Repair of Soft Tissue
  • Anti-Oxidant Stimulation
  • Brain Function Effects
  • Stress Reduction
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Improve E. Dysfunction
  • Scar Modification
  • Learning Changes
  • Bone Healing
  • Enhanced Oxygenation
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Enhanced Healing Process
  • and more….
pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

About Our PEMF 8000 PRO ?

Hear what doctors, who using PEMF Therapy for
long time have to say about PEMF Technology
and PEMF Treatment

Learn in this short video how PEMF Technology reduces and eliminates pain, accelerates healing process, creates wellness, boosts energy and helps healing any condition.

What is the PEMF 8000 Pro ?

“In the decade to come bioelectromagnetics will assume a therapeutic importance equal to, or greater than, that of pharmacology and surgery today.”

Dr. Andrew Bassett, 1992
Pioneer of the first FDA approved
device using pulsed electromagnetic fields

The PEMF 8000 Pro is based on existing studies published by the National Institute of Health and other respected sources. Our research and development went into advancing known PEMF technology to be more effective, user friendly, and accessible to home users and large practices alike. There are literally thousands of proven studies published in the US, Russia, Mexico, South America and Europe supporting the effectiveness of PEMF as heal-ing modality. We have included excerpts of some studies above for your reference as well as the original location where the study was published.


The PEMF8000 Pro heals chronic pain at its source by pulsing the body with an electromagnetic field.

This field safely transports a pulsed charge of microcurrent electricity deeply into the body at speeds exceeding 100 nanoseconds per pulse.

That electricity inhibits bacteria and enables the cells to repair the body, take in clean nutrients, and remove dangerous toxins more effectively!

The PEMF8000 Pro is the first of its kind capable of reducing or eliminating chronic pain in less than 60 seconds of therapy.

Dramatic improvements in the body’s condition can be seen and felt starting the first treatment and they continue for about 3 days afterward.

Regular treatments create cumulative results, demonstrated by multiple cases of 75 – 100% recovery from ‘permanent’ conditions such as frozen joints after therapy for several weeks.

There is no better way to quickly improve your quality of life than with pulsed electromagnetic therapy through the PEMF8000 Pro.

PEMF8000 Pro heals chronic pain

Before And After

• Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Atherosclerosis
• Bone Healing
• Bronchitis
• Burns
• Cartilage Healing
• Cervical Osteoarthritis
• Chronic Fatigue
• Chronic Pain Relief
• Dental Problems
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Elbow Pain
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Epilepsy
• Eye Disorders
• Facial Nerve Neuropathy/Paralysis
• Fibromyalgia
• Frozen/Locked Joints
• Glaucoma
• Headache
• Hearing Loss
• Heart Disease
• Herpetic Stomatitis
• Hypertension
• Inflammation/Edema
• Insomnia
• Joint Pain
• Kidney Failure/Stones
• Knee Pain
• Laryngeal Inflammation
• Limb Lengthening
• Liver/ Hepatitis
• Lupus Erythematosus
• Lymphadenitis
• Mandibular Osteomyelitis
• Maxillofacial Disorders
• Migraine
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Muscle Rehabilitation

• Neck Pain
• Nerve Regeneration
• Neuropathy
• Nonunion Fracture
• Optic Nerve Atrophy
• Osteochondrosis
• Osteoporosis
• Pain
• Pancreatitis
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Paroxysmal Dyskinesia
• Pelvic Pain
• Peptic – Duodenal Ulcer
• Periodontitis
• Permanent Injury
• Pneumonia
• Poisoning – Detoxification
• Post-Mastectomy
• Post-Operative Pain
• Post-Polio Syndrome
• Post-Herpetic Pain
• Prostration
• Pseudarthrosis
• Psoriasis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Scar Modification
• Seasonal Affective Disorder
• Shoulder Pain
• Sinusitis
• Sleep – Insomnia
• Spinal Cord Injury
• Stroke • Tendonitis
• Tinnitus
• Trophic Ulcer
• Tuberculosis
• Urinary Inflammation – Trauma
• Uterine Myoma
• Vasomotor Rhinitis
• Vestibular Dysfunction
• Whiplash
• Wound Healing
• Wrinkles

PEMF Products - Before And After

Who Can Use It?

Age Management Centers

Age Management Centers

The PEMF8000 Pro reduces many of the symptoms of aging. Using it, you can enjoy your golden years with the energy and physical abilities normally reserved for the young. It reduces the aches and pains, fatigue and  decreased energy associated with aging. It heals worn and torn areas of the body. And with regular treatment  even lost cartilage, bone, joint mobility and skin quality can be restored. No surgeries or prescriptions are  necessary because the PEMF8000 Pro energizes the cells to directly increase the over-allwellbeing of the body, empowering it to heal itself. Don’t leave your quality of life to chance! Age gracefully with PEMF8000 Pro.

Professional Athletes & Sports Medicine

Professional Athletes & Sports Medicine

The PEMF8000 Pro can get you back in the game faster. You can’t stop injuries from happening, but you can accelerate how quickly you recover from them. Now you can stop the pain, reduce the swelling, and heal tissue & bone about 3 times faster than normal. It also pumps up your core energy to reduce season fatigue. You can use it regularly to eliminate nagging ‘permanent’ injuries that may be holding you back. Or use it in the locker room to keep you going strong all game! It’s your career. Perform better. Play longer!with PEMF8000 Pro .

Doctors of Chiropractic

Doctors of Chiropractic

With the PEMF8000 Pro you don’t have to struggle with patients who are too tight to adjust. Your patient (and your hands) will thank you. Simply put the patient on the machine and watch their inflammation and hypertension melt away in a few minutes, leaving you free to adjust them more effectively. It is the modality of choice for chronic pain, tense muscles and frozen joints. Its ideal for regular weekly or bi-weekly treatments.

Home Users - PEMF8000 Pro

Home Users

This is the pain management tool you’ve been waiting for. It relieves the pain quickly, keeps it gone for days, and does it without any health damaging side effects. Now you can effectively manage chronic pain at home for yourself and your family. You don’t have to miss out on any more good times with the people who matter. As your personal strength and vitality grows, so will your quality of life. And your freedom to start really living again. So take life back into your own hands, knowing you can always turn to the PEMF8000 Pro.

Clinics Doctor

Pain Clinics

So many patients, so little time! Let your patients skip the long waiting line to pain relief by bringing the PEMF8000 Pro into your office. Administer effective pain relief treatments to emergency patients in record time. Plus, use it to supplement treatment for patients in physical therapy and rehabilitation. It accelerates healing of open wounds and reduces scarring from these, relaxes excess muscle tension, aids in union and recovery of broken bones, and more. Keep your clinic up to date with this advanced PEMF8000 Pro treatment modality.