About PEMF Professionals

With many years of experience within the pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF) arena, PEMF Wellness Technology is recognized as a leader in this pain management technology. At our core, we are a company devoted to helping people feel their best. Whether it’s a providing the means for medical professionals to assist their patients, or giving ordinary households the ability to feel their best on a regular basis, we are proud to a PEMF therapy machine that helps to alleviate pain and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Our PEMF therapy machine, PEMF8000 Pro, is used for many different purposes. From chronic pain relief, the repairing of soft tissue, and bone healing to sleep improvement and enhanced oxygenation, our PEMF professionals have seen the positive effects that pulse electromagnetic therapy has had on people from all walks of life.

The PEMF professionals at PEMF Wellness Technology created the PEMF8000 Pro with the user in mind. While it is a piece of equipment that uses complex scientific and technologically-advanced methods to achieve miraculous results for patient, it can be used just about anywhere by anyone. Many of the people that use our device are those in the sports medicine environment, chiropractors and doctors, spas, wellness centers, and pain management clinics, to name a few.

If you would like to start feeling better today, taking the first step is simple. Our obligation and hassle-free consultation will help you determine if the PEMF8000 Pro is right for your particular needs. You can schedule an appointment by calling us today at (844) 879-7363.