Biological Effects Of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field PEMF therapy is considered to be more effective due to its time electromagnetic fields that create micro currents in your body tissues. These micro currents provoke biological responses that are specific and depending on the field parameters the effects and results vary. These parameters are amplitude, wave form and frequency. In your body there are multiple electromagnetic fields in each cell and tissue. Every tissue and organ has a unique electromagnetic field as well and the pulsed fields take advantage of these unique signatures during Computerized Axial Tomography or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans map the body tissues.

The Therapeutic Benefits

Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy
The diagnostic benefits of pulsed magnetic therapy are wide accepted and used but the therapeutic benefits of it are yet to be realized by many medical practitioners. It was way back in 1954 when a Japanese scientist reported first about the piezoelectric property found in body bones. This led to extensive research in the future to show that damaged bones did respond to electric fields therapy.

Rise In Biological Effect

PEMF System
Further in the year 1995 it was found by scientists that even soft tissues responded favorably to the specific electromagnetic frequencies. This gave rise to the biological effect of pulsed electromagnetic therapy which saw a rise in development and manufacture of PEMF device. Now you can see it being used in all types of medical care for pain relief, improvement in brain function and much more. Even chiropractors and sports injury doctors are using it to relieve pain. A wide range of medical conditions and applications were successfully treated by PEMF therapy. Even complicated issues of antibiotic resistance due to the presence of different bacteria have also been resolved by this treatment.

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