How to Care and Treat Avascular Necrosis and Using PEMF Technology

PEMF8000 SUPERPACKAvascular necrosis is a condition of the body in which the bones tend to die due to disruption in the flow of blood. In this disease the boned in the joints are affected severely and become disintegrated and eventually fall apart. The femoral head, hip and knee are the areas in the body which is susceptible to maximum damage due to this disease. Bones start growing again after succumbing to damage but in people suffering from this disease bones are not replaced and subsequently fails to support the skeleton. Loss of blood supply to the bones can be due to injury or trauma. However, there are other causes such as excessive intake of alcohol, other diseases and excessive radiation therapy may also lead to this condition.

Part 1. Medications and alternative treatment

1. Medications for avascular necrosis – Doctors prescribe medicines as soon after the diagnosis but the initial process is to avoid taking pressure off the joints.

• Most of the doctors suggest surgery for this disease.
• Exercises are suggested at the initial stage but it can offer temporary relief.
• The aim of treatment is to prevent degeneration of the joints.
• With PEMF Technology which penetrates into the joints due to the presence of enough magnetic fields, it is possible to restore flow of blood to the bones.
• Surgery is usually the last option of treatment.

2. Reduction of stress – For effective treatment of avascular necrosis you gave to take care of stress and take steps to reduce it. The application of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy can help you deal with stress and is a non-invasive method to treat this condition.PEMF

• Sleep adequately and try to restrain pressure on the joints.
• Try to get along with people in groups as social interaction is one of the ways to deal with stress.
• Listening to songs and music can also help you take care of the amount of stress and aid in natural healing of the joints.
• Drinking more water can also help you get rid of stress.
• Exercises of the brain provide relief from stress and help you find better way to cure avascular necrosis.

3. Application of fomentation – You can apply hot and cold packs in the affected areas which increases flexibility and mobility of the joints. Any treatment of the disease including PEMF Technology intends to enhance the strength of the joints.

• Spending some time under the sun during early morning and at the end of the day provides relief.
• Many times the doctors suggest application of heat which not only offers respite from pain but is also effective in reducing the stiffness of the joints.

4. Using Ayurveda for relief – People suffering from this disease can take the help of Ayurveda to obtain relief. However, the treatment is to be carried out by certified doctors.

• Along with PEMF Treatment patients suffering from avascular necrosis can also use ayurvedic medicines.
• These medicines are effective for the patients at the initial stage of the disease.
• Application of oils which are part of Ayurveda is good to offer relief from pain.
• Combination of different medicines and not a single medicine is effective for the treatment of this disease.PEMF8000 CLINICUM

5. Yoga enhances mobility – Yoga has proved effective for the treatment of different diseases and the asanas in yoga is equally applicable for the treatment of avascular necrosis. However, you need to consult experts to know which exercises can be done without causing any harm to the joints.

• With PEMF System you can also continue to do yoga which acts on specific parts of the joints.
• Try the movements that are passive and slow.
• Do not put excessive weight on the hip or on those parts of the body that are affected severely due to this disease.
• Try to avoid those exercises that require you stand or remain in one position for a long time.
Part2.Diet for AVN

6. Consuming whole grains and citrus fruits – While you can continue with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy as a non-invasive procedure which enhances the blood supply to the bones, including lot of citrus fruits and whole grains in your diet can help.

• Eat a lot of citrus fruits such as orange, grapefruit and prunes.
• Include all those foods that contain whole grains to ensure that the systems and organs of the body function in a healthy manner.
• Foods that have high vitamin content and are dark such as spinach, carrots and beets are good for the patients of avascular necrosis.
• Broccoli and bell pepper are useful to improve the functioning of the body organs and provide relief from the stiffness of joints.

7. Enhance intake of calcium and vitamin D – With avascular necrosis, you must increase your intake of calcium and Vitamin D and have all those food items which contain these nutrients.

• Milk and its products contain calcium and Vitamin D.
• Include yoghurt and cheese in your daily diet.
• Soy milk and fortified cereals are good sources of these nutrients. Make sure that these nutrients form a part of your daily diet and PEMF Treatment to obtain relief from pain due to constant degeneration of the bones in the joints.
• Application of electromagnetic field over a period of time shows substantial improvement in the condition of the joints.pemf pro

8. Avoid intake of alcohol – For people suffering from avascular necrosis alcohol worsens the condition further. There are several diseases that occur due to excessive intake of alcohol which also leads to damage of the organ. Pancreatitis is one of the diseases which often results in avascular necrosis at a later stage.

• Try to perform the exercises daily which help you get rid of the habit of consuming alcohol.
• You can drink wine once in a while but regular intake of alcohol can damage your bones severely and it can be hard to stop degeneration of bones.
• Regular intake of alcohol enhances the fat content in blood and blocks the flow of supply to the bones which is another reason of this disease.
Part 3.Surgical procedures

9. Surgical correction procedure- Even if you follow the PEMF System it is imperative that you visit the doctor for correction procedure and know the drugs that you need to take to get relief from pain and stiffness of the joints.

• Osteotomy is one of the methods which help you get rid of the stress in the joints that are affected and reshapes the bone. This strategy is effective for patients in the initial stage.
• Bone graft is another technique to replace the affected joint.SMALL GELLOOP
• For patients with severe condition total bone replacement is suggested for treatment.
• Research is still on to understand whether clotting genes can identify the people that may be more susceptible to AVN.
• Drilling a hole in the neck of joints can enhance the flow of blood.
• Hip replacement is one of the best options for patients suffering from problems in femoral joints.
• Pulsed electromagnetic treatment has offered relief to hundreds of people suffering from avascular necrosis.

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