PEMF Therapy for Athletes

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy:
A Medical Breakthrough in Injury Recovery
and Performance Optimization

Every athlete is painfully aware that at anytime, a serious injury could mean the end of a spectacular career that took a lifetime of hard work to achieve.  That’s why it is so crucial to keep informed of scientific advances that are already making complete and fast recovery from injuries an every-day reality like PEMF for Athletes.  At the same time, healthy athletes are ripping the benefits of these new technologies by using them to optimize their peak performance to levels not seen before.

As time goes by, science marks its dramatic advances at a faster pace than ever before.  In the last 20 years alone, the field of sports medicine has made more advances than in all of human history combined.  Arthroscopic surgery is now the standard.  Where damaged menisci used to be removed with nothing to replace them, today they are meticulously repaired or even replaced with bionic implants, making full recoveries a reality.  Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction is now the norm.  Groin pulls, ankle sprains, hamstring strain, and even hip flexor strain, have become fully treatable, and full recovery is no longer science fiction.

At the same time, post-operative physical therapy and recovery treatments have made astonishing progress, cutting in half the time that athletes are forced off the arena. One of these incredible breakthroughs is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF).

PEMF for Athletes

In order to return to the game as good as new, complete recovery is absolutely necessary and achievable by using our top-quality PEMF8000 Pro. PEMF  for athletes is an ideal therapy for quickening the healing process. It greatly reduces swelling and pain, as well as heals bones and soft tissue at least three times faster than without the use of electromagnetic therapy for pain caused by rough sports.

Even if you are not using electromagnetic therapy for pain relief from a sports injury, PEMF for athletes is an amazing and revolutionary piece of equipment for overall wellness. Whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur, the innovative technology behind PEMF is ideal for even stronger, healthier, and all-around better performing athletes.

If you have any questions about acquiring the science of a PEMF8000 Pro for the benefit of fast recovery from a sporting injury, or achieving a higher level of athletic performance, please contact PEMF Wellness Technology today at (844) 879-7363. We look forward to assisting you to get your PEMF for Athletes.

PEMF for Athletes

PEMF8000 Pro for Athletes

Kerri Walsh Jennings three-times Olympic gold medalist, and one-time Olympic bronce medalist in beach volleyball.

She is the beach volleyball career leader in both career victories and career wins as of 2016, with 133 victories.

“After multiple shoulder injuries and sleepless nights, filled with pain and fear of no recovery; PEMF8000 Pro has saved my life and brought me back to the top of my game.

Getting ready for Tokyo now! Thank you to the PEMF8000 Pro Team!”