PEMF Therapy for Horses

PEMF for Horses

While it may come as a surprise, PEMF therapy for horses is commonly practiced in the equestrian world. This is mostly because our hardworking horses are stiff and sore from every day wear and tear. Whether your horse is a tough, working horse, or a graceful show horse, their bodies undergo lots of strain. Like humans, horses need ways to unwind and repair themselves to move toward an optimal state of health.

Needless to say, horses experience injuries quite often. To combat the pain that horses endure, pulse electromagnetic field therapy is a perfect treatment. PEMF devices for horses can help by increasing blood flow circulation that helps brain function, relaxes muscles, and improves cellular energy. By scheduling regular PEMF therapy for horses, you will quickly heal existing injuries. Additionally, these PEMF devices for horses can also be used to prevent injuries by ensuring that they stay strong and high-performing.

In addition to horses, PEMF therapy can be performed on other animals, too! If you feel that your pet is, stiff, sore, and depleted of energy, give pulse magnetic therapy a try! Not only will your pet like feeling re-energized and healthy, you will love watching them return to their youthful selves!

If you have a horse that is tired and sore, consider pulse electromagnetic therapy. Your horse will feel like new with regularly scheduled effective PEMF therapy sessions. For an obligation-free consultation about one of our PEMF Wellness Technology PEMF device for horses, call us today at (844) 879-7363.

The PEMF8000 Pro " Equine Pulse 2.5 " in Action

PEMF for Horses