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PEMF8000 Pro ClinicumPEMF8000 Pro Clinicum



The Flagship of the PEMF 8000 Pro’s. The number 1 choice of the chiropractors.

This compact lightweight unit is particular designed for the professional environment.  With only 24 lbs and 16” x 14” x 6” of dimension it fits in any office and is easy to carry around. Up to 20000 Gauss is regulated with one combined intensity/frequency control knob. A quiet muffled sound, which will not disrupted the office harmony.  And again all used components have been highly stress tested  to guarantee best performance and unbeatable durability.

It comes with all necessary attachments to meet all possible treatment requirements :

  • Treatment Mattress
  • Standard GelLoop
  • ButterFly Loop
  • 25ft Treatment Rope
  • Special thank you present

And still save about $4000 in compare to other PEMF devices out there, which have proven in many blind test to be not even as effective and successful as the PEMF 8000 Pro.


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