PEMF8000 Pro Magnum Wave 2.5
PEMF8000 Pro “Magnum Wave 2.5PEMF8000 Pro “Magnum Wave 2.5PEMF8000 Pro “Magnum Wave 2.5

PEMF8000 Pro Magnum Wave 2.5 (The Race Horse Unit)

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The PEMF8000 Pro “Magnum Wave 2.5” is definitely already known in the professional circle for being the ultimate “Champion Maker”.

  • Dramatic decrease of pain
  • Enhanced relief of arthritis
  • Reduces soreness
  • Accelerates performance
  • Boosts endurance
  • Expedites recovery

to name only a few instant benefits, PEMF therapy will do for your horse and ultimately for you. With intensity range up to 2.5 Tesla, a durable dust and damp proved case, 4 inch double bearing steel wheels, user friendly operation platform, the fastest and most effective treatment durations it has already proven to be the best race horse in the ring.

Join the winning team and make it yours today!


1 review for PEMF8000 Pro Magnum Wave 2.5 (The Race Horse Unit)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Through trial and error of different pulsed electro magnetic equipment I have found the PEMF8000 Pro Magnum Wave 2.5 is bigger, better and stronger than any other similar device that we have tried over the course of many years. The 8000 has proven to be extreme effective and produces result in a very short time. Also not to forget the excellent and professional costumer care you can experience. No wonder they all horse people too!
    We send horses to the winner circle on a regular basis. Our record is impeccable compared to the others that get there only oce in a while.
    Kaitlyn Roberts
    Equine Therapy Specialist

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