The PEMF8000 Pro can be yours to enjoy: take the first step by contacting us today at (844) 879-7363  (844-TRY-PEMF) for a consultation that is free of pressure and thoroughly informative.  Find out how the PEMF 8000 Pro can bring dramatic improvement to your specific circumstances.  Owning one is easier than you think.  This state-of-the-art medical device is by far the most advanced and durable PEMF therapy device available anywhere.  This technological marvel packs only the highest quality components so that we can guarantee dramatic and long-lasting results in clinical environments and also in the privacy of your home.


Energy levels of up to 20,000 Gauss, a frequency range of 1 to 100 Hz, and a pulse speed of approximately 100 nanoseconds, give this PEMF therapy device the ability to dig deeper than any other PEMF device for sale, and charge the cells with a payload of instantly usable energy!  By pulsing the body with an electromagnetic field, the PEMF 8000 Pro fights chronic pain at its source, inhibits bacteria, and enables cells to work more effectively, repairing damaged tissue, taking in clean nutrients, and removing dangerous toxins.


Reduce – or even eliminate – chronic pain in a matter of minutes by taking advantage of this revolutionary technology!  Starting with the first treatment you will observe dramatic improvements in the body's condition, and you will continue to see and feel these improvements for the following three days.  Multiple case studies have demonstrated that regular treatments applied with the PEMF8000 Pro produce cumulative results.  After several weeks of therapy, it is typical to observe an incidence of 75 to 100% recovery from conditions previously considered permanent, such us frozen joints.


You will be hard-pressed to find a more effective PEMF device for sale. There is no better way to quickly improve your quality of life than through the application of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy using the revolutionary PEMF8000 Pro.


"In the decades to come, bioelectromagnetics will assume a therapeutic importance equal to, or greater than, that of pharmacology and surgery today."

Dr. Andrew Basset, 1992
Pioneer of the first FDA approved device using pulsed electromagnetic fields

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This 25ft classic treatment rope gives you all the treatment flexibility you need. Building multiple loops to manipulate the intensity, or coiling it around the treatment area to get to the deepest spot possible. See the following pictures to give you an idea about ways to use it.

Big GelLoop

This gel loop measures about 12” in diameter and has about 6ft working rope. It’s the perfect all around tool. Easy to use on almost any body part. Even as a whole body treatment by laying or sitting on it. It is also good to use as a diagnostic device by moving slowly up and down along the body. It is the ground base for any device and by far the most used accessory.


Big GelLoop

5 out of 5


This dual gel loop  comes with about 6ft rope. It is great for treating small areas and joints like knee, ankles, elbows or even facial or head surfaces. It is without a doubt a must have for a professional environment.


The Flagship of the PEMF 8000 Pro’s. The number 1 choice of the chiropractors.

This compact lightweight unit is particular designed for the professional environment.  With only 24 lbs and 16” x 14” x 6” of dimension it fits in any office and is easy to carry around. Up to 20000 Gauss is regulated with one combined intensity/frequency control knob. A quiet muffled sound, which will not disrupted the office harmony.  And again all used components have been highly stress tested  to guarantee best performance and unbeatable durability.

It comes with all necessary attachments to meet all possible treatment requirements :

  • Treatment Mattress
  • Standard GelLoop
  • ButterFly Loop
  • 25ft Treatment Rope
  • Special thank you present

And still save about $4000 in compare to other PEMF devices out there, which have proven in many blind test to be not even as effective and successful as the PEMF 8000 Pro.


The mattress measures about 34” x 24” and has about 6ft working rope. It is mostly used for general full body maintenance. Many clinics or doctor offices  also using the mattress as a treatment preparation device to loosen and warm up the patient before further alignments begin.


Praised as one of the best pulsed electromagnetic field devices available today, the PEMF 8000 Pro has proven to many, many people it’s effectiveness and durability.

Our PEMF 8000 Pro engineers team has over 20 years of experience with Tesla Technology and diligently engineered the PEMF 8000 Pro device for quality and 21th Century State-of-the-art Science!
The technical part is embedded in a very durable military grade pilot suitcase, which has a retractable handle and dual stainless steel bearing wheels so one can easily pull it behind for easy transportation.
The PEMF 8000 Pro Mobile Case Unit weights 42 lbs and measures 22″ x 14″ x 9″. It is very user friendly. It has a power on/off switch and a start and stop button besides the combined intensity/frequency knob. All one has to do is, plug in the needed attachment and start treating by dialing slowly till the desired intensity is reached.



The bestseller of the company.  Our race horse, the Mobile Case Unit combined with a carefully chosen selection of attachments will guarantee that you have the right tool for any possible treatment need.

  • Treatment Mattress
  • Standard GelLoop
  • ButterFly Loop
  • 25ft Treatment Rope
  • Special thank you present

And best of all save thousands of dollars in compare to any other PEMF device. Getting the Super-Pack saves almost $1000 instantly.


This gel loop measures about 7” in diameter and has about 6ft working rope. It’s the perfect all around tool as well although its more used for the smaller body part. It is very practical for facial treatment, prostate or other small areas which don't allow too much space.

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